Crafting designs that leave users delighted

How do we achieve this?

The initial stage of the design process is just like going on a date! This stage, which includes user research, is where we lay the foundation for understanding our users on a deeper level.

It involves discovering what our users desire, enjoy, and require. Moreover, we seek to understand their pain points and frustrations. We conduct interviews with users to learn more about their attitudes and behaviour. Instead of making assumptions, we dedicate ourselves to truly understanding our users.

Embracing user research

Brian Chesky, Airbnb cofounder discusses how to design a product for a million people.

“…if you pick one person, study them, and take their journey, and say how we improve this part of the journey, you can do something really personal. You can design something and keep iterating until they love it. Don’t stop improving it until that person loves it, and you’re not allowed to move to the second person until the first person loves it.” (Stanford University Graduate School of Business, 2023)

It’s crucial to explore their needs thoroughly and empathise with their perspectives. This enables us to craft solutions that seamlessly align with their needs and preferences.

In summary, by embracing user research as the foundation of our design approach, we guarantee that our designs are tailored to our users’ needs, leaving them consistently delighted!