Crafting engaging experiences that make a lasting impression

We can craft emotionally engaging experiences that make a lasting impression, Aarron Walter.

Designing for emotions

We don’t need one more “boring” app. Next time you are going to work on a new digital product or app, give it a character or personality. While helping your users to accomplish their goals, bring a spark – make sure that they feel inspired or encouraged.

Personality in Design

Remember that restive and complaisant Stone Age Microsoft Office paperclip?

restive and complaisant paper clip in Microsoft Word, 1995
Paper clip in Microsoft Word, 1995.

Aarron Walter, a VP of Design Education at InVision, rediscovered the idea of personality in design. My favourite example of a product with personality is part witty, part sarcastic Siri. Next time you are going to talk to her, ask “what is zero divided by zero?”.

sarcastic reply by Siri, Virtual assistant

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant powered by AI.

The last example is from one of my school projects. I wanted my app to motivate users to accomplish their goals.

Overview of the app personality

This app has an enthusiastic, friendly and motivating personality. Using this app should feel like having a classmate (or a friend) who makes life complete and optimistic because the app is designed to create positive emotions.

Tone of voice

This application is always friendly and full of energy. It motivates students to accomplish their assignments on time and not miss anything important. It keeps you on your toes, yet not making it monotonous. It helps students to be more organised, without making them feel bored.

Copy example: “Aww yeah! Your action has a positive reaction. This week you completed 3 of your 5 assignments”.

Read more about the subject in Aarron’s article Personality in Design, October 18, 2011

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